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the largest spy swap in the world. the u.s. released russian spies in released those providing information to the west. the plane is expected to land at dulles within the hour. we will have the latest on this story coming up right here. >>> this city of rockville completed repairs to a broken water main. it burst on wednesday and that sent water shooting into the air. work crews are flushing the water line and testing the water. restrictions will be in a fact until noon tomorrow. customers are asked to stop their outside water use limit washing machines and use water only as necessary. >>> or creigh is in arlington hope to finish repairs on a water main break -- work crews in arlington. this happened at south courthouse road. some customers did lose water service. >>> there are some big developments in the oil spill in the gulf. nearly all of the oil could be contained as early as monday. >> for the first time in 81 days since the oil has gushed into the gulf, the government is offering a date when the leak may be contained. >> our first goal would be to shut the well in. >> it involves re
the u.s. geological survey declare the epicenter 3 miles below this house on a forest brook road in the germantown. >> my dad said he looked out the window and thought it was an explosion. >> he would never know from surveillance cameras that anything had happened. but talk to anyone, and they will tell you about it. >> we had an earthquake. not an earthquake, a six. something earthquake. >> did you feel the earthquake, mr. president? >> i did not. >> of those who did will not soon forget it. >> a do not like being awakened by that. >> 911 centers were inundated with calls from startled citizens, but there were no reports of any injuries. >> thank you. she mentioned the 911 calls. check this one out. this woman says she was jolted out of her sleep. >> the whole building just shut. it woke up everybody in the house. i do not know. did something below. -- blow? >> it caught her attention, that is for sure. >> lot of trauma. should we expect any more aftershocks? we spoke with experts about the tremor and what we can expect in the future. >> experts say they do not really know. anyt
. >> a famous movie director finds out if he is headed to prison in the u.s. or life of luxury in europe. >> two police impersonators are under arrest. that is next. >> 7 is on your side tonight with a warning of police investigators. >> police say that two men tricked their victims. >> they tricked them because they had an official looking vehicle with strobe lights and they said that they were police. these guys were counting on the idea that they're victims would not call the real police. >> carlos lopez said that he had been hit by the scam before. police roll up and stop their victims and they are often day laborers that are inebriated on the street. the targets are forest and day take whatever they find. -- our forest -- frisked they take whatever they find. yesterday, police arrested these two men and charge them in connection with a shake down on 15th avenue. at least one was currently employed by the code through security firm and was supposed to protect residents of this apartment complex. police wonder how many other victims there could be. >> there could be more victims out there th
marijuana, oakland could be the u.s. marijuana capital. >> mad dog. am i have not heard that in a long time. -- >> i have not heard that a long time. >>> coming up, 7 on your side with a new warning for cell phone addicts. you may need to get your hearing checked. >> next, animal lovers celebrate as >>> when it comes to politics, washington, d.c., may be known as the capital of pork. >> is now known as the best place for vegetarians. >> even though there is not a single piece of meat on this sandwich -- >> fake bacon and fake cheese. >> there is no faking the flavor. after 20 years of note meat or dairy, he is an expert on how to eat vegan. >> it has improved over the 10 years i have lived in d.c. >> he and other vegetarians can eat just about anything. a milkshake with no milk? cheesecake without cheese? >> organic cashews, fresh allman to milk. >> and something like chicken. >> diners say it tastes just like chicken. this restaurant is adding to the dining options for vegan and vegetarian eaters. that is why peta has named the capital city the capital of dining for non-meat ea
in the u.s. and russian spy case. >> live and in hd, this is abc-7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> of breaking news from greenbelt. a number of people in a garden -- in an apartment complex are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> here is what is happening. this is the apartment building behind me. basically, they are telling us that a water heater in t
and federal 40's -- federal authorities and not taking lightly. the u.s. airways flight was cantilever reagan national airport just before 4:00, had it to boston. because of the storm, the flight was delayed. we understand the airplane carrying 170 passengers and five crew members was on hold on the tarmac. at that point, authorities say a male passenger became unruly, making threatening comets and inappropriate comments. airport police and fbi were notified immediately. the airplane was taxied back to the gate. at this hour, the fbi is questioning this man. we don't have the identification or if he lives in the area. they're trying to figure out exactly what his motive was, but the bill believe he is a dangerous threat. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >>> the storms knocked out power to more montgomery county residents, even as the county struggles to recover from sunday's downed trees and power lines. suzanne kennedy is live in bethesda with the ongoing frustration. >> it seemed like good news on the horizon for this month, midcounty neighborhood, an hour ago pepco workers showed up, assessed th
than inflation, but under unusual circumstances, exemptions are made. the u.s. post office is expected to lose $7 billion this year. >> its not a good idea. not right now. >> customers seeking outside a post office and some threatened to abandon the postal service. >> i will make more of an effort to pay bills online. >> the postal service announced a wide ranging series of price increases. on average, it amounts to a 5% hike. once enacted, a single stamp will cost 46 cents. >> it still cheaper than fedex. >> while some say it's still a bargain, some say the repeated hikes must stop. >> tell me up front and tumble again not to play and i will plan. let's not do it every year. >> they don't seem the solution is to cut their own budget. >> the postal service laid off 40 -- but of 40,000 workers last year and the postmaster general wants to put an end to sat. deliveries which could save $2 billion. congress has not allowed cuts in the service since 1983. >> every time we turn around, everything is going up. >> it all trickles down to many of those who need it most. one nonprofit group sup
months in jail followed by deportation. he's expected to be deported to the u.s. for prosecution on a string of break-ins and dust across the country. the sports world is remembering eight legend today. george steinbrenner's died this morning. he bought the yankees in 1973 and over the last 37 years led team to seven world series championships. he just celebrated his 80th birthday on the fourth of july. we will have memories later on of george steinbrenner from all around the washington area. >> some maryland residents are cleaning up after storms swept the region overnight. the storm brought down trees and utility lines. in parts of baltimore, trees along cars and blew up power. when brought down one tree down on a church. it was definitely a wild evening. we're looking at more storms. >> the biggest threat will be heavy rain. there may be 40 mile an hour wind gusts. for the metro area, probably at 11:00 or midnight we will see most of the rain move through. let's start with the rooftop camera here. looking back across the bridge into the city -- a beautiful afternoon with partl
it will be headed back to russia and who is coming back to the u.s. for the first time since his controversial comments about the afghanistan war, michael steele response to calls for his resignation. all of that at 6:00. >>> we check in with steve rudin. another hot one today. >> indeed, temperatures well above average this time of year, 95 degrees officially at reagan national airport. the storm scan, a cold front just to the north and west, across michigan, illinois, indiana. this will be the weather maker for the upcoming weekend. live doppler radar, a small cell just to the west of frederick, fizzling out of the next half hour. if you are under this in jefferson, heavy downpours, then things clear up quickly. outside, still hot, 94 at this hour fairfax, 91 gaithersburg. the heat index, just around 100 degrees across the entire region. off to the nationals game tonight? game times 7:05, temperatures in the 90's. the beach forecast tomorrow, not so bad. thunderstorms possible late in the day, surf temperature mid- 70's, daytime highs in the middle to upper 80's. coming up at 6:00, we will l
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9